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Shield Selection Method

Sources : Station | Release date : 2012-10-30 07:43:18 | View : 716
Keywords : Shield Selection Method
Protective cover for the protection of the camera and lens, divided into indoor and outdoor type. Select the protective cover should pay attention to:

1) According to the installation location, the correct choice of indoor or outdoor protective cover. The main role of indoor shield is dust, and outdoor protective cover in addition to dust, the more important role is to protect the camera in a variety of harsh natural environment (such as rain, snow, low temperature, high temperature, etc.) to work properly. Therefore, the outdoor all-weather protective cover not only has a more stringent seal structure, also has a wiper, spray, heating and cooling and other functions. Which determines the price of outdoor protective cover is much higher than the indoor shield. Note that, as part of the four seasons temperature changes are not, are in the camera's operating temperature, so that can be used without constant temperature function of the ordinary outdoor protective cover to reduce costs.

2) Select the appropriate size of the shield. The size of the shield should be larger than the sum of the camera and lens size, otherwise the camera and lens can not be loaded.
In this case,

3) If the selection of the shield with a thermostat function, should consider the power supply to the shield; use wiper function of the protective cover, if the decoder can be controlled by the decoder, if there is no decoder, should consider adding relays to control .
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