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1, remote services
In the user use our products in the event of problems or products are not normal, you can by telephone, fax or e-mail, etc. to seek technical support and help in the confirmation of customer service requests, we will have technical service personnel through The corresponding way to help users to solve the problem.

2, on-site service
If the user can not solve the problem through the remote service, after the two sides negotiate to determine the need to conduct on-site troubleshooting, service, the Company will be based on the actual situation of the company's products in accordance with the actual situation, Arrange experienced engineers to the scene to analyze the cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting, on-site troubleshooting may cause "signal interruption" and other unfavorable factors, our engineers will inform the user before proceeding, and troubleshooting, our engineers will Submit a written report on the resolution of the problem to the user within 24 hours of returning to the company. (The site can not repair the fault device does not belong to this service range)

3, training services
Training services are divided into user failure on-site training and training of the user program. Site training is to enhance the ability of users to self-troubleshooting, training for the user equipment maintenance personnel, the use of personnel, the main training content for the reasons for this problem, the exclusion of the user program training is to allow users more in-depth, A more comprehensive understanding of the product and cultivate the user's maintenance force, so that its theory and practice ability can be significantly improved.

4, information services
All users can control the latest product performance parameters, usage guide and maintenance guide knowledge through Changzhou Xin Ding website or through the paper documents, e-mail, disk, CD-ROM distributed by the company.

5, after-sales service
Company products warranty period are one year after the expiration of the warranty period the company will provide paid services. Warranty is limited to warranties arising from the quality of the system equipment and the technology itself. Damage caused by improper use or force majeure, such as (natural disasters, war, etc.), does not apply to the warranty provisions.

6, after-sales service guarantee
With years of professional service experience, senior service engineers, strong capital, complete spare parts supply and other advantages. We will be the quickest and most perfect service concept, good service every user in the after-sales network of the region we implemented on-site service within 8 hours, no outlets in remote cities 24 hours to achieve door-to-door service.

7, do not enjoy the following areas will be subject to the scope of the warranty charges will be charged for maintenance and spare parts costs or to provide free mail order spare parts convenience
A, non-company production equipment, but the two sides can be negotiated by the company maintenance;
B. In the course of installation, the power supply, connection mode or system circuit short-circuit, poor static electricity induction, lightning strike, electric shock, voltage abnormality and other non-quality factors such as voltage and frequency are not in accordance with the specification. ;
C, after the purchase of the installation site drop, handling and other processes caused by the failure and damage;
D, due to natural disasters, war and other irresistible factors caused by failure and damage;
E, due to the use of errors, unauthorized repair, alteration caused by failure and damage;

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