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Message from the Chairman

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This is a "free" era, one can choose their own career, choose the era of self-life. Want to do? We are free to develop, and we can choose the road, you can visit the window are constantly increasing everything will be full of challenges and competition. In such an era, just want to find a stable and live, do not want to change the self is absolutely not work. Road in their own feet, the fate of enterprises in the hands of managers, self-change to do their own masters, do not do their own slaves. . . . . . Will enhance the value of life to the highest and deepest level. Only in this way can we truly complete every one belongs to the enterprise, their own things, in order to brave and resolute to face the challenges of survival, from experience to the life of Yuelo and serve.

Competition in the 21st century is the high-tech competition, is the talent competition. We emphasize the human capital value-added target at the same time we also desire the most sense of responsibility and talent of all kinds of talent to join our team, and we create Wai Yip. Respect for knowledge, respect for individuality, so that the best people have the full authority and the necessary resources to realize their dreams, this is the cause of our sustainable growth of the inherent requirements!
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