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Application of High Temperature Industrial TV in Rotary Kiln of Cement Plant

Sources : Station | Release date : 2010-04-06 07:13:31 | View : 308
Keywords : Application of High Temperature Industrial TV in Rotary Kiln of Cement Plant
Real - time monitoring of furnace pit in cement pit furnace

Can monitor the furnace illumination of the lower circulating fluidized bed boiler and waste incinerator furnace material status. For the circulating fluidized bed boiler, because the furnace is sealed, in the ignition and feeding process and easily lead to high temperature or low temperature coke, and the furnace illumination is very low, with the existing domestic furnace flame monitoring device can not see the furnace Material status. You can see the state of the furnace material and guide the feed and the timely detection of coking trends, so as to avoid coking or feed too much to cause the ignition process of fire. At the same time the system is also suitable for cooling machine clinker monitoring, can clearly monitor the clinker cutting material situation, material status and particle size and other conditions. For the cement rotary kiln and grate cooler efficient and stable production provides the necessary conditions.

Product Selection: pushing the current domestic well-known brands, Changzhou Feng Rui Electronics Co., Ltd. R & D and production of FR-TV-type high-temperature industrial television equipment.

Selection Note: In cement plants, the rotary kiln is the only place where the maximum amount of capital is invested and the operating conditions are optimized, as it has the most significant impact on operating costs and product quality.

These special places to install the high-temperature industrial television will help after the cost and quality control. For the rotary kiln is usually installed in the kiln to see a TV set in the grate cooler to install a set of high-temperature television to see clinker, so you can collect the rotary kiln furnace fire color, raw material calcination, granulation and clinker transport conditions The color image, for the safe production, enhances the product quality to provide the necessary condition.

Under normal circumstances, in order to obtain the maximum amount of kiln information, kiln to see the fire and grate cooler industrial television are equipped with endoscopic camera system, which allows the lens into the rotary kiln, the formation of larger viewing angle images. If you are subject to financial constraints can also use the wall-type industrial television, but the field of view is limited.

The user can according to the actual situation, in the premise of saving costs as much as possible to select the appropriate equipment. (Specific selection, please refer to information)

Cement factory whole factory industrial television system

In the cement plant, in addition to rotary kiln, there are many important places, the operator needs real-time control of the situation in order to facilitate the issue of the most effective production scheduling instructions. This occasion can generally use my company's outdoor rain-proof guards and other equipment. The multiple cameras can be designed as one-to-one, multi-head, multi-tailed network topology connections or use the hard disk video recording system.
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