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Very honored to start from here: give you a chance to show us, but also hope that in the coming days, we can become partners, close friends. . . . . . "Quality is the gold, the service is the heart, based on integrity, innovation-yuan" has been our relentless pursuit! under these circumstances.

Changzhou Gaohai Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province, specializing in the development, production, processing and application of industrial TV monitoring products in the field of high-temperature optoelectronics. The company has specialized in optical, mechanical and electrical integration, heat professional independent research and development team, with high-temperature industrial television monitoring technology in all areas of conditions and resources, with a superb technical team, has a wealth of experience from more than 10 years of research Personnel and senior engineer work, good at high temperature industrial photovoltaic field work. The company has its own independent processing base, strong technical force and bold innovative ideas, the company has become one of the few high-temperature industrial TV, independent research and development, production, on-site service in one of the science and technology enterprises, edge technology and reliable quality, Domestic reputation.

The company has independent research and development: endoscopic high-temperature industrial television series, high-temperature industrial TV wall series, high-temperature protective cover, eddy cooling tube, high temperature industrial pinhole mirror and other domestic high-tech products in a leading position.

The company is committed to: first-class technology, first-class quality, first-class services in metallurgy, power, building materials, petroleum and other industries. National users. Our products are widely used in cement rotary kiln to see the fire, the cooler to see materials, steel furnace, annealing furnace, furnace, drum level control, waste incinerator, glass melting furnace and other special high-temperature environment automation TV display. And actively support the industry to provide a variety of monitoring solutions to help users real-time monitoring of industrial furnace television and control equipment fault diagnosis, improve product quality, reduce costs, security has a unique effect. By the user's praise.

Companies adhering to the "innovation, optimism, dedication," the corporate philosophy to "create brand, build brand" principle, excellence, the introduction of high-quality products and quality service, the company will strive to become a technology leader in the international standardization of management, Branch Shou credibility of first-class service high-tech enterprises.

At the same time we are also eager to work together with enterprises: sincere cooperation, the Princess brilliant.

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