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  • Infrared thermal imager

    Infrared thermal imager

    Description : Thermal Imaging Applications1 output devices: connectors, insulators, plywood, jumper, high-voltage lines, crimp bushing, porcelain lead2 substation system: transformer, isolating switch, air short-term, oil circuit breakers, less oil circuit breakers, sur…

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  • Graphical glass surface meters

    Graphical glass surface meters

    Description : Our self-developed image-based intelligent detection system is the latest in a liquid level detection device. It is non-contact measurement, different from other contact level gauge by the glass temperature, viscosity and so on. Its structure is simple, in…

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  • Rotary Kiln Carcass Scanner

    Rotary Kiln Carcass Scanner

    Description : KTS200 kiln cylinder infrared scanning temperature measurement system is widely used in rotary kiln tube monitoring, control and analysis of the temperature measurement system. The system includes an infrared line scanner with environmental protection box …

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