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  • Furnace wall type

    Furnace wall type

    Description : XD-CC series of high-temperature endoscope lens has a long lens body, it can be difficult for personnel to enter the environment to detect and monitor. Such as the observation of various kiln is burning material, explore the grass hidden objects. The lens …

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  • AXB5A Zoom lens

    AXB5A Zoom lens

    Description : Zoom pinhole lens has a manual telescopic lens and auto telescopic lens two categories. Made from imported high temperature resistant crystal material, it has excellent high temperature resistance

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  • All kinds of electric aperture high temperature lens

    All kinds of electric aperture high temperature lens

    Description : XD series of fixed-focus electric, auto-aperture high-temperature pinhole lens using high-quality optical components, has a good high temperature and corrosion resistance, and has electric, automatic aperture function, can easily adjust the lens aperture t…

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  • Endoscopic type

    Endoscopic type

    Description : Aspheric lens group design, with ultra wide angle field of view: Aspheric lens surface is neither flat nor spherical, spherical aberration can effectively correct and other aberrations. Among them, the wide-angle lens astigmatism often occur can also be ef…

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  • Endoscopic corners

    Endoscopic corners

    Description : No.TypeTechnical ParametersDimensions(mm) 1 XD-NK4 F4.0mm/1:2.5;65;CS interfaceΦ25350, Φ25550, Φ25787,Φ251100 2 XD-NK6 F6.0mm/1:2.5;53;CS interfaceΦ25350, Φ25550, Φ25787,Φ251100 3 XD-NK8 F8.0mm/1:2.5;42;CS interfaceΦ25350, Φ25550, Φ25787,Φ…

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  • Special custom type

    Special custom type

    Description : Focal length, focal lengths and appearance can be customized according to user needs.

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  • Blast furnace special type

    Blast furnace special type

    Description : TypeXDC21 XDC28 XDC35 Focal length 2.1mm 2.8mm 3.5mm Relative aperture F1.7 F1.7 F1.7 Field of view 110 95 82 Dimensions(mm) φ2469 φ2469 φ2285 Interface CS Used in a variety of blast furnace material camera

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